Queen City Pool League

                                     QUEEN CITY POOL LEAGUE


                                                                    BY-LAWS AND POLICIES

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      A. All meetings will be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order. 

      B. Voting format will be vocal, by majority of governing body present. 

           Officers do not vote unless they are also team captains or designated team representatives. 

           President will only vote to  break a tie.                

      C. Organizational Meetings.

        1. Will have at least two weeks notice.

        2. Executive committee shall be elected at the annual banquet following the end of the season.

        3. Teams may be added or deleted by majority vote of governing body in attendance.

        4. At least two pre-season meetings will take place in August.

        5. A mid-season meeting shall take place during the month of January. 



     A. Shall consist of one person (team captain or designated representative) from each team casting one vote.

     B. Duties – Vote on the following

        1. Changes in by-laws, policies, or rules of play. 

           Meetings to address any proposals for changes will have a two-week minimum notice.

        2. Election of executive committee.

        3. Format changes for weekly play.

        4. Scheduling of meetings as needed.

        5. Addition or deletion of teams at the organizational meeting.



     A. Consists of the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.  To be elected by

          the previous season’s governing body at the annual end of season banquet.  The term

          runs until re-elected or replaced at the following seasons organizational meeting.

      The vice-president is normally a non-voting member of the executive committee.

            The vice-president can vote as part of the executive committee only in the

            case of a tie vote due to the absence of a voting member.

     B. Duties

        1. Scheduling of games, weekly play and meetings as needed.

        2. Distribution of prize money to teams.

        3. Evaluate and submit to the governing body any proposed changes in league

            policy, by-laws or rules of play.  Such proposals must be submitted in

            writing to the executive committee and will be brought for consideration within 30 days. 

       4. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for monitoring the performance of the 

            individual team captains. Any captain that is falling short in fulfilling their responsibilities may 

            be removed by a unanimous vote of the voting members of Executive Committee.

   C.  Should any member of the Executive Committee believe that another member of the Committee 

         is failing in their duties, they may call for a vote to remove that person from office. 

        The person calling for the vote shall explain their reasons to the Committee. 

        The person who is subject to removal shall make their case to stay in office, should they want to defend their position.

        The person believed to be failing in their duties shall not vote.

        The vote for removal must be unanimous by the remaining 3 members of the Executive Committee. 

        If the vote is not unanimous, there is no removal and business continues with the existing Executive Committee.



     A.  President.

        1. Preside over the governing body.

        2. Preside over the executive committee and oversee the day-to-day operation of the league.

        3. Decide validity of all grievances, which must be submitted in writing on the back

           of score sheet and signed by both captains. Grievances are to be acted upon within 10 days.

        4. A stipend will be provided in the amount of $250.

            Half to be paid at beginning of season;  half to be paid after the mid-season meeting.

     B.  Vice President.

        1. Preside over the governing body if the president is absent.

        2. Succeed the president if he/she cannot fulfill the term of office.  In the event that

            the vice president cannot fulfill the term of office, the president or remaining

            executive will call an emergency meeting of the governing body for the purpose of

            electing a new vice president.

     C.  Secretary.

        1. Collection of scores, compilation of statistics and posting of statistics within 4 days

           of receipt. (i.e. If statistics are due by Tuesday evening, new statistics must be posted

           by Saturday noon).

        2. Maintain and update team rosters, substitute player lists, and league membership lists.

        3. Secretary to be paid $1.00 per team for each week of play.

        4. Secretary will be reimbursed for the costs of any copying and postage.

        5. In the event that this office becomes vacant, it will be the responsibility of the

           remaining executive committee to choose a replacement.

     D.  Treasurer.

        1. Collect league fees and dues and then deposit them into the league account.

        2. Maintain league assets and accounts.

        3. Treasurer to be paid $1.00 per team for each week of play.

        4. In the event that this office becomes vacant, it will be the responsibility of the remaining

           executive committee to choose a replacement. 

       5. The Treasurer shall provide to the captains a hard copy of the League Balance 

           Sheet (showing all league income and expenses to date) at the league mid-season 

           meeting and the year end Awards Ceremony.



    A.  Yearly – Each playing member will pay a $5.00 yearly membership fee to be paid before

          the start of play.  Substitute players need not pay the yearly fee until they are used in play.

     B. Weekly.

        1. Each team will pay $20.00 every week they are scheduled to play.

        2. Money to be included in the envelope with score sheet provided by the league.

        3. Home team captain will be responsible for money and score sheet to be turned in

            at drop-off points by 5:00 pm Tuesday after play. 



            BackStage Pub, Essex Junction  -  Three Needs, Burlington  -  Olde Northender


                          No money,  No score,  No exceptions


          b. If the home team captain passes the responsibility to the opposing team captain,

              both must note this fact on the outside of the envelope. (This avoids confusion if the envelope is late).

          c. If the visiting team accepts responsibility to turn in the envelope, they also

              accept responsibility for any fees associated with a late envelope.

      4. Forfeiting teams are still responsible for the full $20.00 weekly fee.

      5. Late fees – if score sheet with correct money is not turned in on time, home team will be

          assessed $10.00 for the first week and $10.00 for each week thereafter until the envelope

          is turned in.  Fees to be deducted from the team’s winnings at the end of the year.

     6. Once started, team and/or establishment is responsible for at least half the season.

     7. Statistical searches will require a $5.00 fee unless the result of an error by the secretary.

          Therefore it is to your benefit to keep track of your statistics.



     A. No establishment will be allowed to sponsor more than 2 teams per table in an establishment.

     B. Will maintain a proper area large enough to play and which is conducive to enjoyable play

          free from interference from other patrons.

     C. Areas will be inspected by members of the executive committee.

     D. Display a copy of these by-laws and policies and a copy of the rules of play for players

         to see at all times

     E. The league shall be limited to a maximum of 32 teams.

          Should there be one or more openings to add a team(s) and there are more teams seeking

          admission than there are openings available, the choice of which teams are admitted to

          the league will be by blind draw with a priority of 1, 2, 3 etc. If the number 1 team does

          not pass inspection, the opening goes to the number 2 team if they pass inspection, etc

     F.  Should there be a proposal to expand the league beyond 32 teams, that vote must be done

          at 2 separate meetings and requires approval by two thirds of the captains present at each

          of those meetings.  

   G.  A new establishment shall be defined as one that did not have a Queen City team in the previous season.

         New establishments shall first be subject to an inspection by a member of the Executive Committee. 

         The table shall have a playing surface of  40” X 80” with a cloth in good condition and a playing area “which is

          conducive to enjoyable play, free from interference from other patrons”.

        After the establishment passes inspection, it will be subject to approval by the majority of the voting 

         members of the Executive Committee.


     A. A team roster will consist of four rostered (regular) players per team and up to eight substitute

          players per establishment.  (See paired one-team establishments below).

     B. Each team must choose a captain and provide a contact telephone number for that person.

          This is for contact between the team and league officers and will not be distributed. A second

         contact person (co-captain) should be designated in the event that the captain is unavailable.

     C. Rostered players may not change teams at any time. They may, if circumstances dictate, switch

          from being a rostered player to being a substitute for the same establishment.  In that case

          a substitute from that establishment must switch to being a rostered player.  Once a player

          has shot for an establishment, he or she may not play for any other establishment during

           present season.

     D. No new players, rostered or substitute may be added after mid-season.

     E. For roster purposes, the paired one-team establishments will be considered as one establishment.

    F. New Teams

         A new team shall be defined as a team in which at least 3 of the members did not play together in the previous season.

         New teams shall be subject to the approval of the majority of the voting members of the Executive Committee 

         before being included in the schedule.




     A. Gross unsportsmanlike behavior is grounds for protest and/or forfeit of affected games.

     B. Protests pertaining to rules and etiquette will be mediated by the executive committee.

     C. All protests, whether from etiquette issues or disputes over by-laws, policies or rules of play,

          must be in writing on the back of the score sheet, signed by both team captains with an

          explanation of the incident and the names of parties involved.  If a dispute arises during the course

          of play, the simplest way of attempting to deal with it quickly is to contact the officers then and  there.

          If the two team captains are unable to resolve the issue between them.  Consult the schedule to

          see where the president is playing and call the president.  The vice president, treasurer or secretary

          may also be contacted. Establishment phone numbers are printed at the bottom of the schedule. 

    D.  If a player has been disciplined at any time in the current season by the league, they shall 

          be prohibited from being a captain for the remainder of the current season and the next full season.

          The team must then choose a new captain.



     A. In the event of inclement weather the executive committee may cancel the weeks play. 

         They will notify the member establishments by 6:00 pm Monday evening.

     B. Order of play will be in order of score sheet unless both team captains agree otherwise.

     C. League play begins at 7:00 pm.

     D. Team forfeiture occurs at 7:15 pm unless the missing team makes contact to say that

          they are on the way. If the late team does make contact, this moves the forfeit time to 7:30.

     E. If any players are present,  games will proceed.

          Forfeits occurring on a game-by-game basis as follows: 

          If a player has not arrived in time for his/her second game, the first game is forfeit. 

          And so on with the third game.

          If he/she has not arrived in time for the fourth game, it will be considered a four-game forfeit.  

      F. Teams must follow the full 16 matches in the order of the score sheet. No deviations are allowed.

           If a player can not follow the proper sequence the team can find a sub who can follow the sequence

           or forfeit the 4 matches.

           If both captains agree, they can follow an alternate player sequence.     



     A. Any team which drops out prior to the end of the season will forfeit all prize winnings.

     B. Roster members of the defunct team shall be ineligible to play for the remainder of the season and

          the next season unless permission is granted by a vote of the captains. They may shoot for a

          replacement team from the same establishment.

     C. If there is no replacement team:

        1. Fees previously paid by opposing teams will be refunded.

        2. Team and individual scores shall be removed from the standings. Opposing player scores

           shall be adjusted as if the match had not been played.

        3. Remaining matches for the defunct team shall become byes.

     D. If there is a replacement team:

        1. The replacement team may draw from the substitute rosters of other league teams. A league team

            losing a player to a replacement team shall be allowed to back-fill the substitute player.

        2. Any missed matches shall be made up within four weeks of the missed match. It is the

            responsibility of the replacement team captain to contact team captains to reschedule matches. 

            If the match is not made up with in the four week time period the team score will be recorded

           as 8-8 and individual scores will be recorded as 2-2.

        3. The replacement team will pay the $5.00 weekly fee/person for each missed match.     

            The $5.00 membership fee/person is waived for replacement team members. If the match is

            not made up and the replacement team fails to pay the weekly match fee, it shall be recorded

            as a forfeit (0-16)

     E.  A team from an establishment that did not finish the previous year must pre-pay the weekly match

            fee in two installments, half prior to the first match and the remainder at mid-season.


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